Get A US IP Address

U.S. FlagAre you working overseas and worried that your emails aren’t going to be filtered properly because of where you send them from? You can get a US IP address with a A virtual private network – it’s the perfect way to facilitate your business. Are you trying to stream content from American websites and are hitting a firewall? A US IP from a VPN gets you around these firewalls.

There are many restrictions placed on non US IP addresses.  Some are there because of political and religious censorship.  Some limitations are set by US websites, blocking foreign IPs as security measures.  Many are set by the music, TV, and movie industries as a way to lock content and boost profits.


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us ip address for businessBusiness

It can be a major hassle if you are trying to do business and you cannot receive data because of where your IP is located.

File sharing between your business and another located in the US can completely avoid this hurdle if you have that IP in the United States.  Routing your data through US servers can also speed up ping times because of server proximity.

Trying to buy from the American market with a local American IP may present you with some interesting advantages.  For example, if your business requires U.S. goods at a low cost, you may find that some vendors react more positively to US companies. 

Getting across international firewalls for business is another hassle that can be avoided by getting a US IP address. If you need information about a certain foreign industry or market certain other IP’s may not work. An IP is only as good as it’s reputation. Don’t let biases between governments slow you down or your business.


Access Streaming US MediaEntertainment

But American IP are not just for business.  There are lots of TV, movie, and music streaming sites that started in the US, and require US IPs for access.  Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, Raditaz, HBO, Amazon Prime, Grooveshark, and quite a few other websites are limited to US access ONLY.

It’s very simple to sign into a VPN server in any American city and stream FREE stuff from these sites. Netflix has a one month trial, and with a fake zip code, you can join their streaming service anywhere.  Hulu also has a free testing period, and with American debit cards available for purchase online (yes, totally legal), you can join their service as well. Pandora and Spotify are completely free, all the time.


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us ip address vpnTech

If you are sharing large packets of data having it throttled by your ISP or government, using a VPN to change your IP can get  you around this block.  Regardless of which country you’re in – even if you’re in the US right now, being able to change IP address basically gives you an infinite amount of identities online.

Deep packet searching is a worry of anyone who spends a large amount of time on the computer. Not because you have anything to hide of course, but anyone who does a minimal amount of research into just how much tracking Google and Facebook do on a daily basis will be unpleasantly surprised.  Online profiling is a hot topic of recent times, and the jury is still out on whether or not you can be held responsible for crimes committed with your IP address.

Theft of your intellectual property is a also real hazard that anyone using shared wifi faces, whether they know it or not.  Most people skip along to their local Starbucks not knowing just how easy it is for anyone in the cafe to track, intercept, and abuse their personal and financial information.



So regardless of why you need a US IP, VPNs are simply the best.  Data encryption keeps you secure online.  VPN tunneling protocols give you privacy.  Changing IP allows you to access a wider range of websites.

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