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change ip address to usaIf you are an active internet user and do a lot of browsing or watch online videos and movies then some time or another you must have faced restrictions from some websites which are banned for users outside The USA. For example, if you are sitting in Europe, Africa or Asia, than you are unable to access some online streaming websites like Hulu, Netflix, and other such online services.  There are even local news and information, as well as gaming sites that have similar restrictions. These online service providers are able to check your location – and block you from their website.

The need to change your IP address to a USA IP is not limited to entertainment, and very often, having a US IP can aid in business, banking, or other personal transactions.

How do they know where I am?

Their web servers are able to identify the location of the user by the IP address of their computer (or phone now too) and mainly.  As a means for geo-locating users, IP address is the main way to do this.

Can my IP address change to a USA IP?

Yes. You can change your IP address to a USA IP with two tools – proxies, and virtual private networks.

Changing the IP address of your phone or computer to a USA IP is a very easy thing. You can do it with the help of a VPN service or proxy service which has its servers in the USA. A USA based VPN or proxy has the ability to get your IP address changed to an IP address belonging to USA by rerouting your traffic through their USA server. These servers on USA soil, so when you redirect your traffic to the server, your original IP is stripped out of the data, and replaced with one of the hundreds of IP's available from the server. The site or user no longer sees your real IP, but the temporary US IP assigned to you by the VPN or proxy server.  These are the basics of how they work.

change ip address with proxyProxies

Web based proxies are popular for a couple reasons.

  1. No installation necessary
  2. One license can be used in multiple locations
  3. Usually cheaper that VPNs
  4. Can be used in areas where PPTP or L2TP (VPN for mobile devices) are blocked

While they're less secure that VPNs, for general internet surfing, many people prefer the use of web based proxies. They're fast, versatile, and easy to get started.  As far a services go, I prefer Securitales.


  • They're a trusted company
  • They're cheap
  • They're fast
  • They're professional
  • There's a FREE TRIAL
  • There's a 30 day money back guarantee

web based proxyDo a quick Google search for other proxy services, and you'll see what I'm talking about. Most of them look like some guy is running the service from his basement.  I wouldn't trust my IP data with any of these services.  The professional service of Securitales not only keeps you anonymous online, they can give change your IP address to a USA IP without breaking the bank ($6 / month).

***Remember, that very often, even with a USA IP provided by a proxy, many sites can detect and block them.  Sites like Facebook and Youtube won't be a problem, but Hulu, Netflix, and other membership based movie/TV streaming sites do block proxy usage.

change ip address with virtual private networkVirtual Private Networks

VPNs provide added layers of security that make them the IP changing tool of choice for some users. P2P, banking transfers, and other online activity outside of browsing should be done with a VPN.  Not only can a VPN provide you with a USA IP address, they can make sure that your connections and activities are behind a wall of encryption and anonymity.  They're basically un-crackable.

They're not that much more expensive – $5 – $10 USD a month, depending on bandwidth, speed, and other features.  They need to be installed, that makes it easier to use in many ways.  When connecting to a VPN, all you have to do is double click the icon on your desktop, choose a server location, and wait for the VPN to connect (less than one minute). Then you go about your normal activities knowing that you're invisible, secure, and if you've signed into a server in America, you're "surfing in The USA"

My favorite VPN provider is 12VPN.  For users wanting to change their IP address to a USA IP, 12VPN has a US Only Service, with ten server locations to choose from, and free switching between them.  For $79, you get to choose your VPN protocol (PPTP or L2TP for iPhone and Android devices, SSL/OpenVPN for Windows, Mac, Linux, or IKEv2 for Nokia phones).  Installation requires no previous knowledge, and they've got a friendly support team. We also recommend 12VPN because they've got a huge number of VPN protocols available, for almost every internet connection device or operating system out there.

12vpn virtual private networkTo summarize, I prefer 12VPN because

  • It's easy to install
  • It's cheap
  • It's fast
  • Friendly support staff
  • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee


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