US IP Address Proxy

us ip address proxyMany times I see people asking why a US IP address proxy is important or they inquire about how they can get a US IP address proxy. People who do a lot of streaming from different websites and downloading often need a US IP address proxy to get an access to US based websites. Some websites are US sites requite a US IP to access their content.

Only US IP addresses allowed:

If you are accessing some US based servers, than you may be denied permission to open some websites. They say that their services are not available in your country. They only provide services within the premises of the US. Even if you are from the US and have a US mailing address, you are denied their services because you are trying to use them outside the US.

If you are facing this problem and you are worried because you are not able to access your favorite movies and TV shows and you can’t get some other stuff like gaming and downloading. The simplest solution is to get a US IP address proxy.

Get A US IP address proxy and get out of there:

For some, having a US IP address is not a means of accessing content of the US, but of the world.  In places like China, Saudi Arabia, and other  countries that censor the internet, you can unblock sites by having a US IP address.  Frequently blocked sites include Facebook, Youtube, and Skype (and other VoIP).  Even at school and work, you can bypass firewalls by using a US based proxy server.

Our number one US IP address Proxy

securitales US IP ProxyWhy’s it #1?

  • Free Trial
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Trusted provider (sooooo important when choosing a proxy)
  • cheap ($6-$8 / month)

  • 2 months $16
  • 6 months $42
  • 12 months $72

VPNs provide an alternative to US IP address proxies

Now if you are thinking of getting a US IP address proxy, than I assure you that you are going about this the right way. You can get a US IP address from a VPN as well.

VPN is a virtual Private Network which creates a private network with your computer and your desired server. A US based VPN has its servers located in the US and they will transmit requests received from you from inside the US. This will make websites you surf, and even your local ISP believe that you’re surfing the net in the US. They give you a US IP address proxy which replaces your actual IP.  This is the meaning of anonymous surfing.  No one knows who you are, where you are, or what sites your surfing.  Even though your VPN service could keep records of these things, most of them don’t – after all, people use these services to get away from IP/cookie tracking and other questionable online tracking methods.

On the subject of anonymity, VPN’s provide a few advantages over proxies, including

  • Total encryption of internet device (VS encryption of browser only with proxies)
  • P2P file transfers (if you don’t know what it is, don’t worry about it)
  • Encryption and Tunneling (for higher security – especially for those in countries that censor the internet)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

12vpn us ip addressFor US IP addresses, I recommend three VPN services.


12VPN – They’ve got a cool US IP only package that’s cheaper because you give up those unnecessary IP addresses from around the world. There is a World VPN package for $129 dollars a year, but their US IP Only Pack is just $79 a year.  For this you can get over ten locations in The US (including New York, LA, Seattle, and more).  This is a great VPN for noobs because installation is a no-brainer and support is very patient and friendly.  This is a great VPN for someone just starting out.

hide my ass us ip addressHide My Ass – More server locations, more IP addresses, and more IP hiding/anonymous surfing/online security tools.  Their all encompassing VPN package beats out most other VPN packages with regards to what you get for the price you pay.  Only $78 for a year.  Of course, there are multiple locations in The US available. This is a great VPN for someone looking for diversity.

strongvpn us ip addressStrongVPN – The mother of all VPN companies. They’ve got all the major VPN protocols, all the major VPN server sites, and you can mix and match to find a package that’s right for you.  You’ll pay a bit more for it, but they’ve got live support and basically anything you need in one place. Plus, they’ve got package deals based on location which is great for the international community. This one is better for the more experienced VPN user who knows what they’re looking for and how to find it. For a year of US IP service, you can expect to pay $75-$155 for PPTP and $90-$210 for SSL/openVPN (one year)